Thursday, 5 June 2014

Russian Ac Summer Exhibition!

All the best work from the last 3 and a half months at the Russian Academy in Florence!

3rd year work being set up

1st year room 1, left

1st year room 1, right

1st year room 2, left

1st year room 2, right

my latest painting!

my work (middle column, with composition work at bottom)

composition work

my sketches

me doing thumbs up because both my oil portraits were selected by the academy for their collection!

3rd year paintings

painting of hands by Manuel Dürr

more 3rd year

more 3rd year

more 3rd year (by the way this is a huge wall)

lovely portrait in sepia by Manuel Dürr

lovely (and also gigantic) sepia by Mr Dürr

yet more by Dürr

2nd year paintings

2nd year drawings

more 2nd year

one of my fave 2nd year drawings

one of my fave 2nd year paintings

great 2nd year drawing

and finally a great Dürr composition to finish

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