Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Vaguely Alice in Wonderland-inspired...

Quite proud of this one, because it's my own composition! This picture was requested by Amanda, who is also the 5th follower of this blog!
I was given a photo of an actress for the face, and a description of the concept, then came up with a design sketch for the pose. I used a bunch of reference photos from the internet for different parts -- dress, foreshortening of body, hair, etc, and put them all together for the final drawing you see here. I even changed the face to give the actress a different expression, and it looks pretty believable too I reckon!
I'll set the scene for the drawing: She's sitting in a glade in the woods, surrounded by trees, on grass. But the sky is stormy, dark and grey (perhaps with a touch of lightning), and heavy cold rain is beating down on her face and dress. She's cold and feeling vulnerable. It's getting dark - night maybe.
Cheerful isn't it?

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